Celebrity Tooth Whitening

Celebrity Tooth Whitening

When watching TV,films or even browsing through glossy magazines it is impossible to notice celebrities with incredibly white teeth so is it tooth whitening or is it veneers so here to learn more.

Teeth whitening has grown all over the world as people recognize the huge benefits of having whiter teeth and the increased self confidence it tends to give you afterwards when you smile revealing a wonderful new smile.

Making the teeth as white as the celebs is more tricky as many of us are never going to have teeth as white as the whitest veneers but sometimes these ultra bright teeth set the standard for us as we aspire to look like our heros in the celebrity world.

The teeth are porous and this means they are going to stain and change colour but this happens over a long period of time and should not happen in weeks but more like months and years as our day day components entering our mouths will release the colorants and add that colour in the pores on the enamel. This then changes the colour and makes our teeth stained in appearance.

Some people when entering the world of teeth whitening for the first time expect their teeth to be as bright as some of these celebs as this is unlikely to be the case otherwise why would the celebs have veneers fitted?

Veneers are much more expensive that teeth whitening but they do last for many years so represent quite good value for money if you work out the cost per year. They are fitted by filing the natural teeth down to a pointed shape and then gluing a porcelain veneers over the top. Because they sit on the natural tooth some people say they look too big for the mouth because they pertrude slightly forward and this can enhance the bright white look even more.

Celebs do have their teeth whitened and some will opt for the bleaching tray system and others will go for the laser whitening or brands like zoom. The real difference here is the time as the light based system like zoom or laser take just over sixty minutes and the tray based methods take around fourteen days for the initial program and then you have the trays for future maintenance to keep the teeth looking white.

With veneers they do not absorb the staining in same way as the natural teeth and because they are not going to stain so easily the celebs opt for this route as it saves repeated teeth whitening treatments in the future.

Sometimes veneers are fitted as a cosmetic repair if some of the top teeth are damaged and require constructive surgery as they can be matched to the colour of the natural teeth but make the shape of the mouth and tooth appearance more realistic.

celebrity tooth whitening is sometimes used as a term but actually behind the words hopefully this article has helped you understand some more information about it all!

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